Julehilsen fra IODA (og info for året som kommer)

Lagret i NOK-info av den 24.12.2018
On behalf of IODA, we would like to thank you for all your time and effort this past year in the development of Optimist sailing in your country.  Your commitment and leadership, enables so many young children the opportunity to enjoy the sport of sailing. We could not achieve so much without your help as well as those family and friends in your country that volunteer their time.
We wish you and your families a wonderful holiday and a healthy and happy New Year!!
Ioda julekort

2018 WRAP UP
It has been a great year at IODA. All our Continental and World Championships were successful and well attended. We thank you for your support.  Almost 1100 sailors participated in our IODA Championships this past year with 56 Nations attending the World Championship and 44 Nations attending the European Championship. We thank all of you and the hundreds of volunteers who organized and hosted an IODA Event in 2018.
The Event Microsites are working well in terms of improved communication and promoting the class. The Online Registration System to register your teams in an IODA Event has proven to be very effective and helpful for the organizers.  Due to your feedback and input, we are constantly updating and improving this aspect of the microsite to better serve you.
There were a number of IODA Clinics this past year which we are very proud of.  There were six in total:  a Measurement Clinic in Uruguay prior to the 2018 South American Championship plus five Coach’s Clinics held throughout the year in Uruguay, Slovakia, Tanzania, Colombia and the Cayman Islands.  All were well attended.
There were three new members elected to the IODA Executive at the 2018 AGM in Cyprus.  The Executive Committee is meeting on a regular basis and is working well together in moving issues forward.  New to the team are Ajay Narang from India as the VP Africa, Asia and Oceania, Sigrid Beckmann, from Mexico as the VP Americas, and Olive Parker from Ireland as the new Chair of the Technical Committee.
The IODA Executive Committee is committed to improving the governance of the Optimist Class so that we can maintain our position as the largest youth sailing class in the world.   IODA will also be working with our builders in the year ahead to ensure that we maintain the one-design nature of the class. We will also be improving and streamlining the measurement process at our events to make it easier for your sailors to go through the process. We look forward to working with you in the coming year to ensure that all of your sailors have a positive Opti experience, wherever they are in the world.
The AGM Minutes have been reviewed by the Executive Committee.  They will be posted on the IODA website soon.
The 2019 Handbook that contains the Articles of Association as well as Championship Conditions has been updated following the decisions made at the 2018 AGM. Both the 2019 Handbook and 2019 Class Rules will be on the IODA website shortly.
The invoices for the 2019 Subscription Dues will be sent out in early January.  Please note that all 2019 Subscription Dues will be in USD.  We will no longer be accepting any Subscription Dues paid in Euros.   As a small not-for-profit organization, we can no longer afford to pay the difference in exchange rates for the two currencies.  Last year we changed our banking institution and we no longer have a Euro Account.
However, in order to streamline and reduce costs, we will be offering online payment of your dues in January.  We will be accepting credit cards and Paypal as payment options.  We will be sending more information regarding how this will all be working when the invoices are sent to you in early January
The NOR for the 2019 South American Championship has just been posted. For all 2019 IODA Events, you will be required to have a username and password to enter the Online Registration System.  You will receive a new password for 2019 in early January.  For Members in the Americas, you will receive your password sooner as the Online Registration System will be open shortly for the South American Championship. Please note that the last year’s passwords will not work to register your teams this coming year.
The Annual General Meeting is the highest authority of IODA.  You as Members can change/modify/amend the IODA Articles of Association and Championship Conditions as well as the Class Rules if you feel that it is necessary.  Please take note that Article 17 states that fully paid up members can send in a proposal to modify the Articles of Association and Championship Conditions on or before January 15th, 2019.
As per Article 16, fully paid up Members can make a proposal to amend or change a Class Rule.  The deadline for submitting a proposal is on or before February 15th, 2019. 
Again, on behalf of IODA, we want to thank you for a great year.  We look forward to working with you in the year ahead.
All the best for the season!  Fair Winds in 2019!!
Fiona Kidd
Secretary General